Grunnlovsdagen i 2022

One of my dreams after I arrived in Oslo it was to see the full celebration of the 17th of May. Unfortunately, in 2020 and 2021 all events on this day were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic (see galleries ‘17. mai 2020‘ and ‘17. mai 2021 i regn‘). However, as we say in Poland: ‘do trzech razy sztuka’ (English: third time lucky). I could make my dreams real in 2022. On this day weather was perfect: it was warm and sunny. In the morning, I went to the centre of Oslo to see the celebrations of this important day in full scale. I spent over three hours watching barnetog – festive presentations of the representations of schools and orchestras from different parts of Oslo in front of the Norwegian Royal Family. It was very nice to see them marching full of joy! I was also happy that I was able to see these presentations and the Norwegian Royal Family.

In the late afternoon, I walked to the main train station in Oslo to document signs of Oslo’s support of Ukraine.

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