Long-awaited Journey

January, February and March, I spent preparing and correcting chapters of my PhD thesis. I also went for numerous walks, did workouts and took photos with my smartphone. I published photos and videos, which I took in these months in the highlights ‘i Oslo’ on my Instagram. On 13th March, I got COVID-19. Fortunately, it was very mild. Therefore, I spent one week at home working on my thesis as well as attending nice ATTR Digital Spring Seminar 2022 Reception: Practices and Strategies for Interpreting Texts (14th – 17th March). During this event, I presented my text as well as read and discussed the interesting works of participants of the seminar.

On the 1st of April 2022, I took a plane to Poland to meet my family. It was wonderful to hug them and talk to them after nearly three years of parting. During my stay in Poland, I walked on the parts of my PhD thesis. I also went on numerous walks with my dog and managed other matters. I also prepared Ukrainian borscht with my mother. We used the recipe by Ievgen Klopotenko published on YouTube. Borscht tasted wonderful! I hope that in the nearest future I will be able to try this meal somewhere in Ukraine.

Furthermore, I supported with goods point at the main train station where in March arrived numerous people from Ukraine. Furthermore, on the 6th and 14th of April 2022, I went for the first time to a rifle range. I inter alia shot gun Glocks, Scorpion Evo 3 S1 as well as AKM. It was nice to try these weapons and to learn some basics.

On 24th April 2022, after a very nice and pleasant stay in Poland, I took a plane to Oslo.

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