Favourite Podcasts

In the last months, I started to listen to the various podcast in English, German and Norwegian. I listened to episodes concerning art, culture, finances, innovations, politics, technology, and various branches of science. From all of them, I learned numerous interesting facts and discovered nice new songs. However, some of them particularly enjoyed, and finally stayed with them for longer. Here, is a short list including these fascinating podcasts, which I listened to with pleasure. Shows are listed in random order and divided into languages.


Museum – et program om norsk historie

The first podcast in Norwegian, which I started to listen to. Every episode in captivating ways are presented issues concerning archaeology, the history of Norway and museum exhibitions.


Fascinating podcast concerning Germany! In every episode Kai Schwind and Ingrid Brekke discussing captivating issues on culture, history, politics (and more) of Germany and German language.  


Captivating podcast by Norsk Biologforening concerning biology lead by Vilde Olsson Lalun and Elina Melteig. Every episode presenting in fascinating way matters related to various species of inter alia plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria.  


Captivating podcast by Innovasjon Norge concerning innovations and business. In every episode Arne Vatnøy in nice conversations with guests, who tell about their companies, businesses and innovations in their branches.


Created by specialists and researchers from the St. Olav’s University Hospital in Trondheim. Captivating conversations with medical doctors, specialists, and patients concerning medicine and health-related matters.


Fascinating podcast created by NTNU Samfunnsforskning in Trondheim and lead by Vegard Smevoll. In every episode are discussed interesting matters from different branches of science.

Teknisk sett

Interesting podcast on technology and innovation by Teknisk Ukeblad, led by Jan M. Moberg and Odd Richard Valmot.


Nice podcast by Aftenposten led by Helene Uri and Kristin Storrusten. In several episodes are discussed matters concerning Norwegian language.


Podcast in which interestingly are presented issues concerning various branches of science.

Popviten UiB

Captivating popular science podcast by the University of Bergen presenting interesting facts from various branches of science.

Teknologi og mennesker

Podcast by Atea and Oslo Business Forum presenting in nice ways various issues concerning technology, innovation and digitalisation.

Ni til fem

Interesting conversations on job, carrier and jurisprudence. In every episode, Vibeke Vesterhagen discusses with nice guests various topics related to these matters.


Interesting podcast on medicine and health by Folkehelseinstituttet.


Podcast from the University of Oslo. Every episode presenting in interesting way issues related to actual events in inter alia science, politics, and culture.


FLAKE. Des Tastenfickers Podcast

Captivating music podcast by Christian „Flake“ Lorenz (Rammstein). In it are discussed various matters and presented songs of various genres, which are related to the topic of the episode.

Vogel fliegt, Fisch schwimmt, Mensch läuft. In diesem Podcast widmet sich Flake dem Rennen des Menschen. Flake läuft täglich viel durch Berlin und dabei denkt er sich Geschichten aus und macht sich unter anderem Gedanken darüber, was es dann ist, wenn er nicht rennt. Ist es Laufen oder Gehen? Und natürlich hat er wieder eine Menge Musik zu diesem Thema gesucht und auch gefunden.
  1. Rennen
  2. Musik in Fernsehserien
  3. Geräusche in der Musik
  4. Klassik in der Rockmusik
  5. Straßen

Man lernt nie aus

Podcast with short episodes including numerous captivating fun facts and interviews concerning inter alia science, culture.

BIOfunk – Der Biologie Podcast

Podcast presenting interesting topics from biology. In every episode are discussed different matters (e. g. topics from microbiology, biochemistry, medicine) related to this complex and fascinating branch of science.

Met & Moshpit

Nice music podcast led by Jean Méchant of Saltatio Mortis. Every episode of this show is focused on different aspects of Mittelalter-Rock (English: Medieval rock), which are discussed with guests. Furthermore, this podcast is full not only of nice stories but also of good humour.


The Nobel Prize Conversations

Fascinating conversations with Nobel Prize laureates on their work, life, and other topics.

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