My personal review of 2020


2020 was strange, problematic, difficult (or as say it Norway ‘vanskelig’) and demanding (‘krevende’) year of my life. I finished my first year of PhD project at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. I finished the database of Viking Age graves with bird remains. I also wrote two chapters of my PhD thesis and one article concerning waterfowl remains in Viking Age graves (which will be hopefully published soon). Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, I cancelled all my travels to other regions of Norway, Scandinavian countries, and Germany. I was only able to travel to Poland when I visited my family in January. Finally, it was my first year in which I was not able to edit and publish my all photos before the end of the year (photos from September to December will be published soon).

Between January and September, I spent my time in Oslo working on my PhD thesis, visiting close neighbourhoods of Oslo, museums in Oslo and taking numerous photos. I also participated in the EAA online conference. I wrote a summary of my activities in these months, which I published on my research blog Viking Age Birds.

In October, I worked partially at my office and at the home. In this month, I read a lot of articles concerning human-nonhuman animal studies, which are crucial for me in the preparation of the next chapter of my thesis. In the whole of October, I also participated in several online meetings in the scope of theory of knowledge course. During which, in the small group, we worked on presentation concerning issues related to interdisciplinarity in the scope of humanities. I was a fantastic experience to work with such nice and knowledgeable people. Thank you very much for this wonderful collaboration!  

On 7th October, I participated in the online lecture by Neil Price entitled ‘Children of Ash and Elm: a new look at the Vikings’. It was very nice to listen to different fascinating hypothesis on beliefs in the Viking Age. On 12th October, I took part in the Zoom lecture ‘Memorializing 22. July’ by Helge Jordheim, which was part of the Difficult Heritage Symposium organised by the University of Oslo. On 16th October, I took part in another PhD research seminar, this time online. During this meeting, I presented a draft version of my article concerning waterfowl remains in Viking Age graves. I am really grateful for all remarks to this version! Moreover, it was very nice to meet and to discuss various works by PhD students. By the end of this month, I also wrote a chapter of my PhD thesis concerning theory and methods. On 26th October, I took part in online research ethics course, which was part of the PhD course at the University of Oslo.

Furthermore, I took numerous photos of beautiful sunrises over Oslo. On 24th October, I also went to walk on Bygdøy. I visited parts of this peninsula which I was not able to see before.

In November, the situation with COVID-19 again become problematic and unsure. Therefore, I decided again, to move to the home office. This time, however, I was better prepared. I organised a place for my laptops and books. Therefore, it was so much easier for me to finish my work on part of the PhD thesis than in the spring months. In the first week, I finished the chapter on theory and methods. On 16th November, I participated in another PhD research seminar at Zoom. It was very nice to listen about new research projects at the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo.

In November, I also took several photos of the nice sky over Oslo. On 21st November, I could memorise a wonderful sunset, which I saw from the shore of Bygdøy.

In December, I continued my work at the home office. On 3rd and 4th December, I participated in the very nice media dissemination of research course. During it, I learned how to present research to the wider public in a more accessible way. Furthermore, I also prepared a short article concerning my PhD project. I hope to publish it soon in the general media.

In the next days of December, I started to revise my chapter on theory and methods. On 21st December, I went to a very nice walk to Østernvann. I walked a different path than, I cycled during my trip to Triungsvanna. I was an extraordinary experience to walk through the moss-covered forest which looks like from Scandinavian film.

I would like to thank you very much for fantastic and unforgettable meetings and captivating discussions in this hard 2020!

I wish you healthy, so much better, and sure 2021!

Godt nytt år!

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