In Friday’s evening, I decided that I would like to spend the first day of weekend cycling to the part of Oslo, which I did not know. I chose the north-western part of this nice city.

In the morning of 15 August 2020, I cycled in the direction of Røa. When I reached the centre of this borough, I turned to Fossum. Later, I cycled past Bogstadvannet and followed to Østernvann lake.

Later, I cycled further to the north-west. The path which I cycled led through the pine-dominated forest with numerous old mossy threes. There are also a lot of blossoming heathers (Calluna vulgaris) and small bushes of lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea).

The whole landscape looked extraordinary. It reminded me, locations which I saw in films shot in Scandinavia. I admired the views on both sides of the path, which I cycled. After several kilometres, from behind trees, I saw a lake named Triungsvanna. In it are leaves of European white water lily (Nymphaea alba), small isles covered with long grasses and mosses. This area of water looked like are from Scandinavian folktales or horror movies. I stopped by the shore and took several photos.

Later, I decided to follow the path further. It leads along shores of the lake and further to the forest. It ends in the swampy area. This place looked malevolent to me. I decided to turn back. On my way back, I found a nice place by the shore of Triungsvanna. I decided to have lunch there. Later, I cycled back.

To conclude, it was a fantastic but demanding trip (it was a lot of cycling uphill). I enjoyed my time spent together with gorgeous, wild Norwegian nature.  

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