Lange dager i juni

Beginning of June was for my time of change. On the first days of this month, I started to work in my office. It was really nice to meet colleagues and friends after such a long break. After this strange brake we could have lunch together (of course with keeping all the safety measures). Because I move to my office, I changed my daily routine. Every morning and afternoon, I walked (or in-skated) from my home to my work (and back). During my walks, I could photograph some parts of Oslo and birds. Furthermore, in the last weeks, I also observed beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

2. juni 2020

In the afternoon of this day, I inline skated to close vicinity of the Akershus Fortress. I photographed beautiful art by Mikael Noguchi, which I discovered during my inline skate ride on the last weekend of May.

3. juni 2020

In the morning I decided to walk to work. During my walk, on the shores of Frognerkilen, I could observe the flocks of different water birds. Among them were also cute, fluffy goslings.

8. juni 2020

In the late evening, I immortalised a nice sunset sky over Oslo.

11. juni 2020

In this evening, I saw a beautiful, pastel sunset over Oslo. In June in Oslo, it is possible to observe nearly midnight sun. That was my first year in which I could observe this phenomenon. It is a nice experience to enjoy daylight until the late hours.

15. juni 2020

In the evening, the sun set very peacefully. Its light changed the colours of the clouds to the beautiful pastels. However, beyond this calm performance and saw something worrying over the horizon. Above one of the hills of the eastern Oslo was huge, dark smoke. It looked like huge building was in the fire. Later, it turned out that one of the houses in this part of Oslo burnt. It was a really sad accident.

16. juni 2020

On this day, I wake up very early. Therefore, I could experience a warm sunrise over Oslo.

20. juni 2020

On 20th June were solstice and the longest day of the year. It was my first event of this kind in Oslo. Unfortunately, it was too cloudy to observe the position of the Sun. However, instead of it, I saw a colourful and clear rainbow, which appeared over the hills of Oslo.  

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