In the Museum of Cultural History and Viking Ship Museum

In the Museum of Cultural History

On 5th October 2019, I visited an exhibition called VÍKINGR (Eng. Viking) which is presented in the Museum of Cultural History. It is presented in the two rooms. In the first, very bright room, are presented well-known finds from the Viking Age which were discovered in Norway. In several showcases can be seen inter alia Hoen hoard, helm from Gjermundbu or finds and human bones from fascinating grave discovered in Nørdre Kjølen. In the second room is a multimedia exhibition which explains stories beyond some of the artefacts presented in the first room.

Later, I saw also a small exhibition devoted to medieval art.

In the Viking Ship Museum

This day I will definitely not forget. On 12 October 2019, after a long walk in a beautiful autumnal day, I crossed the doors of the renowned Viking Ship Museum. In front of me, I saw the majestic and mighty bow of the Oseberg ship. I walked around it and admired every detail of it. Size and construction of this ship impressed me. I was also moved by every artefact (e.g. very decorative sledges, cart, beast-shaped poles) discovered in this very complex grave. They so intricately manufactured. Every detail of their decoration seems to tell a different story. It was an unutterable experience for me to see and admire finds, which until this day, I knew only from pages of different archaeological books.

Later, I saw my favourite Viking Age ship which was found in Gokstad. It is presented in the beautiful, bright room in the Viking Ship Museum. I was enraptured with the size, shape and power of the ship. Moreover, at the exhibition are also presented several fascinating artefacts (e.g. bronze mounts, wooden objects) which were discovered in this fascinating grave. It should be also mentioned that in this complex inhumation grave were discovered remains of the two species of birds. Therefore, this complex grave is crucial in my PhD project which is devoted to the Viking age grave with bird remains.

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