In a pine forest

On 19 August 2019, I visited Łukowa, Hutki and Krasnobród located in eastern Poland. In Łukowa, I went for a short walk with my dog. We walked in a beautiful pine forest full of wonderful heathers and blueberries which growing between high trees. This type of forest reminds me of this in Ulanów (Poland). In my childhood, I spent there a lot of time in summer. Then, I used to walk collecting cones, moose, lichens and colourful fungi. I used them to create a small forest garden in front of the wooden cabin in which I lived. I was wonderful to walk again in this nice pine forest and remind the events from the past. Later, I kayaked a little bit in Hutki. We drifted downstream a river named Wieprz. It was a thrilling experience to manoeuvre in a narrow river and between trunks, branches and roots of trees. In the afternoon, we decided to spend time near the lake in Krasnobród. We walked around this nice lake. Later, I decided to polish there my kayak skills.


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