In Small Towns

By the end of last month, I visited the eastern part of Austria. Between 20th and 27 July 2019, I saw beautiful places, nice architecture, exhibitions in fascinating museums and old cemetery in Bärnbach, Graz, Mixnitz, Stallhofen, Voitsberg and Wien (Vienna).

On 26th July, I visited several beautiful small towns. In Voitsberg, I saw ruins of castle Obervoitsberg. What is interesting, by the path to the castle are located twenty-four boards including presentation of local legends which were illustrated by different artists.

Later, I saw the interesting and colourful Saint Barbara Church in Bärnbach. It was designed by Austrian architect Friedrich Stowasser (a.k.a. Friedensreich Hundertwasser). This church with its ceramic applications, colour tiles and crooked walls look like building from a fairy tale. It is surrounded by several gates which symbolise different religions of the world.

Next, I saw Federal Stud in Piber. In this place is located stud farm of Lipizzan – the breed of horse used in the classical dressage. Later, I stopped in Afling where I photographed horses who pastured near the road.

9 thoughts on “In Small Towns

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