In Wien

By the end of last month, I visited the eastern part of Austria. Between 20th and 27 July 2019, I saw beautiful places, nice architecture, exhibitions in fascinating museums and old cemetery in Bärnbach, Graz, Mixnitz, Stallhofen, Voitsberg and Wien (Vienna).

On 23rd July 2019, I visited the beautiful Vienna. I started my sightseeing in the Vienna Central Cemetery. Later, I visited the impressive Kunsthistorisches Museum. After the visit to the impressive Kunsthistorisches Museum, I decided to go for a walk and to see the old architecture of Vienna. I walked towards the Austrian Parliament Building. Unfortunately, it was during renovation and impossible to photograph. Next, I passed the Vienna City Hall and the University of Vienna. Later, I visited nice neo-Gothic Votivkirche (Eng. Votive Church) whose roof was covered with colourful tiles. After photographing of the interior of the above-mentioned church, I decided to return. On my way back, I saw the monument of my favourite composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Music of Mozart enraptured me since lower secondary school. I spend numerous hours engrossed in his symphonies, concertos, operas and incredible requiem. One of my dreams is to hear and see Mozart’s opera in Vienna or Salzburg. Later, I also photographed monument of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Finally, I saw majestic and enchanting St. Stephen’s Cathedral. This Gothic cathedral has an impressive interior. I was spellbound with these beautiful vaults, numerous lancet arches and ornaments of pillars.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral


That was my second visit to this nice city. Photos, which I took during my first sightseeing of Vienna, are presented in the gallery ‘Meine Reise nach Österreich’.

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