On Fløyen

From 4th to 15th April 2019, I visited beautifully located Bergen in western Norway. Aim of my visit was to measure, describe and photograph various fascinating artefacts and bird bones which were discovered in five Viking Age cremation graves. Between 8th and 12th April in the wonderful University Museum of Bergen I examined and documented over 30 finds (e.g. jewellery, weaponry, smith tools). Fascinating information, which I collected during my very fruitful research stay in Bergen, will be published in the nearest future.

Beyond work in the University Museum of Bergen, I also had the possibility to see gorgeous architecture and wonderful mossy forests in Bergen. From 5th to 7th and 13th to 14th April I visited old part of Bergen and museums, I ascended mount Fløyen and I saw stave church in Fantoft and beautiful deep Puddefjorden.

On Fløyen

On 14th April, I decided to ascend mount Fløyen which is one of the Seven Mountains (De syv fjell) surrounding Bergen. In the morning, in the nice company of Albane, I started my hike from the north-western side of Fløyen.

When we were approached top of this mountain we saw a mossy forest. In it I saw a big statue of troll and a small cabin. In the event, this cabin was not an empty shelter for tourists (or wooden cabin for children) but it was occupied by two cheerful trolls who wearing folk costumes and holding Norwegian flags. Later, I saw that there are more lovably amusing wooden figures of trolls hiding between trees in this forest. Furthermore, faces of these beings are painted on stones. After photographing all sculptures of trolls, I walked to the edge of the slope to see and admire wonderful Bergen from above.

Later, we walked through the forest to the north-west. Then, I saw extremely beautiful old trees covered with mosses and lichen. They looked incredible and marvellous in sunlight. This mossy forest full of old conifers is my favourite type of forest. In my opinion, it is gorgeous and mysterious but also terrifying (especially in mist). Moreover, conifer forests remind me of my childhood when, especially during summertime, I spent time walking among high pines and collecting various fungi.

We finished our hike by a nice glacial lake. I observed there several species of birds including common gull (Larus canus). All observations, which I did during my research stay in Bergen, were uploaded to eBird database.

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