My personal review of 2018


was a fruitful, strenuous and crucial year in my life. I received my second research grant, I conducted my first conference session ever, I got to know and met wonderful people, I visited wonderful places in Denmark, England, Germany, Sweden and I took numerous photos. Above that 2018 was my first year which I spent nearly in whole in Germany in my lovely Kiel.

In January, I welcomed for the first time ever New Year in wonderful Kiel. On 10th January, I visited Archaeozoological Laboratory of ZBSA in Schleswig where I studied fascinating bird bones from Hedeby/Haithabu.

In February, I visited the gorgeous old part of Schleswig. I also examined artefacts with bird depictions in the Archaeological Museum Schloss Gottorf in Schleswig.

In May, I discovered and photographed amazing graffiti in Kiel. I also visited for the first time ever two beautiful Danish cities – Copenhagen and Roskilde. I saw there not only old architecture and wonderful places (I København [Bind I]I København [Bind II], I Roskilde) but also captivating museums (I Nationalmuseet, I Zoologisk Museum, I Designmuseum Danmark).

In July, I visited again fascinating Archaeozoological Laboratory of ZBSA in Schleswig.

In August, I had the possibility to examine burnt bird bones which were discovered in different parts of Ribe. On 23rd August 2018, I also visited beautiful Ålborg, museums in Fyrkat and captivating Lindholm Høje. During this month I saw also fascinating Zoological Museum of the University of Kiel (Zoological Museum of Kiel University, In the Zoological Museum of Kiel University [Vol. 2]). This month was also my last which I spent in wonderful Kiel. On 31st August, I left this city with a heavy heart and many wonderful memories.

November of 2018 was again (in the same month in 2017 I visited Stockholm for the first time) month dedicated to my visit to the Swedish History Museum. I spent a wonderful time in Stockholm not only examining bird bones from Viking Age cremation graves but also seeing the old part of this city and fabulous museums (I höstlig Stockholm, I Stockholms museerna igen, I Statens Historiska Museet igen, I Stockholms tunnelbana, I Naturhistoriska riksmuseet).

Last month of this year was special to me. On 18th December, I had the honour and the pleasure to be the host of the session ‘Beasts, Birds and Other Fauna: Animals and Their Meaning in the Early Middle Ages‘ at 40th Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference at the University of Chester in Chester. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience not only to conduct this session but also listen to numerous captivating papers on human-animal relations in the Early Medieval Period.

I would like to thank you very much for fantastic and unforgettable meetings, discussions, conferences and adventures in 2018!

I wish you good health, unforgettable adventures, unusual photos, fascinating discoveries and numerous successes in the upcoming year 2019!


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