Seminar ‘Death and Magic in Viking and Medieval Scandinavia’

Death and Magic in Viking and Medieval Scandinavia
Interdisciplinary Research Seminar on Pre-Christian Scandinavian beliefs

21.06.2017, Bonn (Germany)

The Pre-Christian beliefs of the Scandinavians, and especially their approaches to death and the supernatural world, are currently some of the most widely debated topics in Old Norse and Viking studies. As a result of new methodological and theoretical developments, scholars are becoming increasingly interested in finding innovative ways to move beyond the strictly defined disciplinary borders. It is now more clear than ever that any meaningful study of pre-Christian beliefs in the North must seek to combine different categories of sources from a range of disciplines, including archaeology, iconography, textual scholarship and history of religions.

In order to help students and young scholars to develop sensible methodological skills in approaching, assessing and critically combining sources from these different fields of research, together with Professor Dr. Rudolf Simek we will hold an open seminar entitled “Death and Magic in Viking and Medieval Scandinavia”. The seminar will provide graduate and post-graduate students with essential background knowledge on how to approach and critically filter the rich material and textual sources and effectively use them in interdisciplinary research on various aspects of pre-Christian beliefs in the North. [source]

More information on the website of the Abteilung für Skandinavische Sprachen und Literaturen

In the poster is presented an artistic reconstruction of a grave form Nordre Kjølen (Norway) which was painted by Mirosław Kuźma.


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