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As a result of the cruel russian invasion, tragic events and atrocities are happening every day in Ukraine. Therefore, people who decided to stay in Ukraine and those who are going to other countries are requiring help and support in various ways. Numerous wonderful people are helping Ukrainians, on the borders, or in various countries. Furthermore, there are also numerous species of domesticated and wild which are suffering because of this terrifying war. It is possible to support organisations helping people and animals in Ukraine in different ways.

Below, there are links to fundraisers organised by several trusted organisations which are providing humanitarian aid, equipment for brave defenders or helping various animals.

Poster: Adela Madej | Stand with Ukraine (downloaded from Pogotowie Graficzne).

Help for Brave Defenders

Повернись живим (Come Back Alive)

Medical battalion “Hospitallers”

Charitable Foundation ‘Families of Azovstal Defenders Support Fund’


Charity Foundation of Serhiy Prytula

Support AZOV Charity Project

Your RevengeFor

Polish Paramedics ‘W międzyczasie’ Helping Ukrainian Soldiers at Frontlines

Help for Ukrainian Archaeologists Fighting in Territorial Defence Forces

Cars for Ukrainian Soldiers

Cars and Equipment for Soldiers

Polish Volunteers Supporting Soldiers, Civilians and Animals

Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital (PFVMH)

Humanitarian Help

Bakery Providing Bread for People in Need

UA Future Charity

Evacuation of Civilians

Polish Volunteers Evacuating Civilians

World Central Kitchen

Info About Required Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine

Help for Animals

Vet Crew


Hutrooff – Saving Animals in Ukraine

Thank you very much! Слава Україні! 💙💛

News from Ukraine

Other Initiatives

Which Brands to Avoid?

Why russia Should be Banned from Sports Competitions?

Important posts concerning brutal russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine

Two Instagram reels by Julia Palko, which are showing parts of the beautiful Ukrainian cities before and after the cruel russian attacks (video 1 and video 2). The two videos above present the terrifying scale of the destructions due to russian invasion. However, recently Julia Palko published video which shows areas which were restored a brought to live.

Last but not least

Support ‘W międzyczasie’ 🇵🇱🤝🇺🇦

Niezwykły, dzielny polski zespół paramedyków “W międzyczasie” pomaga od początku pełnoekranowej brutalnej rosyjskiej inwazji w Ukrainie. Paramedycy ratują życia dzielnych ukraińskich żołnierzy na bardzo ciężkich odcinkach frontu. Członkowie tego zespołu opowiedzieli w kilku podcastach i dokumentach o różnych aspektach swojej pracy. Opowiadają oni o życiu, śmierci, ich zmaganiach jak również aktach heroizmu. Poniżej znajduje się listach wywiadów z paramedykami “W międzyczasie”, które zostały uszeregowane od najnowszych do najstarszych. Bardzo polecam posłuchać i pooglądać.

The incredibly brave Polish team of paramedics ‘W międzyczasie’ helps from the very beginning of the brutal full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. They are saving the lives of brave Ukrainian soldiers in the very difficult parts of the frontlines. Members of the paramedic team told in podcasts and documentaries about aspects of their work. They told about life, death, their struggles as well as acts of bravery, and heroism. Below there are listed podcasts and others featuring members of ‘W międzyczasie’ team put from newest to oldest. Unfortunately, they are without English subtitles.

Dzielnych polskich medyków można wesprzeć tutaj / It is possible to support brave Polish paramedics HERE.

Article and interview by Українська правда / Ukrainska Pravda discussing work of paramedics.  

Realia Medyka Pola Walki Na Linii Frontu w Ukrainie, Ewakuacje Rannych

Jak Konflikt w Ukrainie Zmienił Oblicze Wojny, Okopy, Drony, Szkolenia

‘It’s Going To Be OK. You’ll Live’: A Polish Volunteer Paramedic On The Ukrainian Front Line

НЕ його війна! Зірка Мережі – польський парамедик рятує українських воїнів ЗСУ

Польський парамедик рятує українських бійців у свою відпустку

Polscy ratownicy pola walki w rozmowie z Mateuszem Lachowskim

300 dni wojny na Ukrainie. Relacja polskiego medyka prosto z linii z linii Bachmut – Sołedar

Polscy medycy na Ukrainie. Dlaczego narażają życie?

Medyk na polu walki. Jak wygląda jego praca? “Adrenalina i świat wojny uzależnia”

Jak wygląda życie na pierwszej linii frontu? Ratownik pola walki o wojnie widzianej z bardzo bliska

Nazywają się „szamanami pola walki”. Kim są i dlaczego to robią?

24 February 2023 in Oslo

On the afternoon of 24 February 2023, I took place in the Solidarity March in support of Ukraine in Oslo. Before this event, I took photos of the place in which there were put Ukrainian flags as a sign of support.

The event started with a welcome speech by the organisers and Ukraine’s national anthem sung by Ukrainian opera singer Iryna Bokal. Later, there were speeches by leaders of political parties and organisations: Anne Beathe Tvinnereim, Erna Solberg, Ola Elvestuen, Liv Tørres, and Marianne Borgen.

After these parts, it was a surprise performance by the band Tvorchi that won the Ukrainian Eurovision. There presented their nice song ‘Heart of Steel’. Later talented singers from FolkeMelodi performed traditional Ukrainian songs.

This part of the rally was followed by a march with torches. Numerous people bearing torches, Ukrainian flags and banners walked the main streets of Oslo. They passed the building of the Ukrainian Embassy in Norway, and the National Museum and walked to the place in front of the Nobel Peace Center. Here started the second part of the Solidarity March.

In front of the Nobel Peace Center was a beautiful and moving concert by FolkeMelodi that performed several folk Ukrainian songs. Later, there was a speech by volunteers who helped Ukrainians to travel from the Polish border to Norway as well as transported humanitarian aid. Later it was a short moving speech by a Ukrainian soldier of the Kraken Regiment. The second part of the Solidarity March was closed by the girl who performed the touching traditional Ukrainian song ‘Plyve Kacha’.

Later participants of this event with huge Ukrainian flags and banners walked to the russian embassy in Oslo. There took place demonstrations against the brutal russian invasion of Ukraine.

There were a lot of emotional, moving moments during the Solidarity March. It was touching to see such many people supporting Ukraine.  

Remember to stand with Ukraine on daily basis. It is still required help there in many aspects. Support trusted Ukrainian organisations like:

There are also fundraising campaigns organised by Polish who support Ukraine in many ways and deliver help where it is most needed.


One Year of Struggle and Bravery

One year ago on the 24th of February lives of many Ukrainians were broken into pieces. Between night and early day, the first missiles and rockets fell on Ukrainian soil. This was the beginning of the brutal russian invasion full of numerous atrocities. Endless suffering, numerous deaths, atrocities, cruelties, destruction, sorrow, mourning… During this year of the brutal invasion, saw information related to the deaths of so many talented, brave Ukrainians; the sorrows and sufferings of their families and relatives; people struggling to live in temporarily occupied cities and villages. There was so much destruction, terror, blood, pain, tears… I cried many times seeing different relations from Ukraine.

However, beyond all of the evil of this invasion, it was also hope, and unbelievable acts of bravery and heroism. I saw stories of numerous actions of the brave, heroic, unbreakable soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Збройні сили України), National Guard of Ukraine (Націона́льна гва́рдія Украї́ни), State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (Державна Прикордонна Служба України), Territorial Defence Forces (Війська територіальної оборони), as well as the fortitude, perseverance, resistance, strength of different civilians, people of State Emergency Service of Ukraine (Державна служба України з надзвичайних ситуацій) and so-called tракторні війська. I also observed the actions of numerous volunteers, who did (and do) everything to help people who must leave Ukraine or those who decided to fight in Ukraine. I also watched videos showing crying people, hugging, and thanking soldiers in the liberated villages and towns. I also saw stories of people helping numerous wild and domesticated animals as well as those kept in zoos, that silently suffered in this cruel war. These touching acts of kindness, positivity, friendship, solidarity, strength, resilience and support, move to tears.

I am grateful to all those who defend Ukraine, Europe, freedom, and life – all those who stand on the side of the light. Слава Україні! Героям слава! I strongly believe in ЗСУ, that these cruelties of war will soon come to an end and Україна переможе!

For reliable news from Ukraine visit the following pages:

See also my posts ‘Support Ukraine’, ‘Support Ukrainian Artists’, ‘Photographers of War’, ‘Songs of War’ for other details.

Help Ukraine win

Support Come Back Alive Foundation and Medical Battalion “Hospitallers”.


Songs of War

It is the 21st of February 2023, and only several days divide us from the time in which the brutal russian invasion of Ukraine began. During it brave and heroic Ukrainians went through many cruelties: they lost families, relatives, friends, animals, and homes or were forced to move to other parts of Ukraine or foreign countries. However, against all the odds they are keeping creating art (see post ‘Support Ukrainian Artists’) that help them to share their emotions and details on russian cruelties, they document the life of civilians and soldiers (see post ‘Photographers of War’) and they also create songs and pieces of work that tells stories about bravery and struggle (see my Spotify playlist ‘Український Поклик’). In this year of brutal russian invasion, they created thousands of pieces of music in different genres. Some of them are very emotional, telling stories of loss and pain, some of them are full of powerful sounds to boost morale, and others are to expose the weaknesses of the enemy. In 2022 and early 2023, I discovered numerous very talented Ukrainian musicians who are creating nice, moving songs. In this post, I would like to share 20 of them that moved me to tears, boosted my mood or deeply moved me in other ways. Here is a list of them organised in alphabetical order (based on the name of the artist or band).

Антитіла (Antytila) – Фортеця Бахмут (Bakhmut Fortress)

Артем Пивоваров (Artem Pivovarov) – Маніфест (Manifesto)

БЕЗ ОБМЕЖЕНЬ (Bez Obmezhen) – 24/02


Chekson – Скільки ще


ФІОЛЕТ (Fiolet) – Заряджай

Jerry Heil – #МРІЯ


KRUTЬ – Колискова

Макс Барских — Буде весна

Океан Ельзи (Okean Elzy) – Місто Марії (Misto Marii)

SPIV BRATIV – Зброя, а не Таксі!

Vyshebaba & KOLA – Доньці

YARMAK – ДИКЕ ПОЛЕ (FT. ALISA) & YARMAK – Хай нам, брате, пощастить

ХАС – Ніколи? Знову!

Support these artists! Listen to their music!


My review of 2022


The 2022 year had different sides for me. One was very sad. In February, it began a war in Ukraine just behind the border of my home country Poland. I saw a lot of moving and striking relations. In the photos and videos, I saw a lot of struggles, fights, pain, suffering, blood, deaths… However, I also saw and heard about the brave, heroic actions of unbreakable Ukrainians. I support these brave people by sharing reliable news and by supporting trusted organisations providing military or medical equipment (for more details posts ‘Support Ukraine’ and ‘Holiday Support’).

2022, however, also had several nice sides. After two years of the pandemic, I was finally able to travel. I visited Poland several times and for the first time, I went to Italy. Furthermore, I attended several concerts (i.e. Wardruna, Rammstein, Kalush/Kalush Orchestra). I discovered numerous wonderful Ukrainian artists (see posts ‘Support Ukrainian Artists’ and ‘Photographers of War’). I kayaked in Oslofjord as well as I walked, ran, in-line skated to different parts of Oslo and Rzeszów. For the first time ever, I shoot with a gun and rifle at the rifle range. I learned the basics of Ukrainian language. I also took numerous photos showing mostly landscapes of Norway and Poland. I also took photos with my mobile phone which I posted on my Instagram and in Instagram highlights ‘I Oslo’, ‘Rzeszów 2022’, ‘Poland 2022’ and ‘PL 2022/2023’. Finally, on the 13th of October, I submitted my PhD thesis.

It happened a lot from January to the end of September, I described events of these months in the post ‘Third Year of PhD Project’ on my research blog ‘Viking Age Birds’.


In early October, I corrected the manuscript of my PhD thesis to submit it before the deadline. In the early morning of 13th October, I submitted my thesis to the University of Oslo. I devoted the post ‘Submission of the PhD Thesis’ to this matter. Remained days of October, I spent preparing for the tasks in the fourth year of PhD studies. I also went on numerous short walks during which I took photos with my mobile phone.

On 29th October, it was a beautiful, autumnal day. Therefore, I decided to go on a photo walk. During this pleasant walk, I took numerous photos of several beautiful parts of Oslo. I included these in the post ‘Høstlig Oslo’.

On the morning of 30th October during breakfast, I broke part of my tooth with an old fill. Unfortunately, I was not able to go to a dentist in Oslo. I decided to manage this in Poland. I consulted the Leader of the Archaeological Section and I booked a plane for the next day. During my flight to Poland, I took photos of Poland from above that, I included in the post ‘Unplanned Travel’.


I planned to start part of my tasks related to the fourth year this month. However, due to an incident with my tooth, I had to postpone them. During my stay, in Poland, I was occupied with checking and editing text which will be published in the book related to the EAA session that I co-hosted (more details on the session in the post ‘EAA 2021: Session 141’).

During my stay in Poland, I also went on numerous walks alone or with my dog. During one of them, on the 7th of November, I had the opportunity to observe beautiful sunrise over my home city Rzeszów.

On the 12th of November, I visited the nice city Łańcut. I went there for a short walk with my mum and dog.

In the early morning of 18th November, I took a plane back to Oslo. During my travel, I had the opportunity to observe, beautiful sunrise over clouds (see post ‘Sunrise above Clouds’).

On the 21st of November, I went for my regular daily walk. However, beyond seeing nice Christmas decorations in the centre of Oslo, I observed something unusual. In the harbour, was an aircraft carrier. I observed this impressive ship from distance. After my walk, I checked the news. It turned out that this was the British ship named HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08).

On the 22nd of November, I walked to the harbour of Oslo to see the HMS Queen Elizabeth closer. I took several photos of it. I also documented ships that assisted this aircraft carrier.

During several of my daily walks, I observed that there are removed scaffoldings around ‘Oslo Treet’ (a nice art installation). On the 30th of November, I took several photos of it and made a short video. 


In the last month of the year, I spent in Oslo and Rzeszów. On the 5th of December, I took a plane to Kraków. In the terminal of Oslo-Gardermoen airport, I observed several nice decorations.

Furthermore, during my flight, I had the opportunity to observe the nice sunrise and beautiful landscapes of Norway and Poland (see post ‘Clouds and Mountains’).

On the 8th of December, I participated in the World for Ukraine Summit (W4UA) at G2A Arena in Rzeszów. During this interesting event, I had the opportunity to talk to several people from different humanitarian organisations. I also saw a photo exhibition showing the cruelties of war in Ukraine. In the evening, I participated in a fantastic concert by Kalush and Kalush Orchestra.

In December, I went for numerous alone walks as well as with my dog. During some of them, I was able to take photos with my mobile phone.

On 18 December, I celebrated my 31 birthday. In the morning I went for a 10 km walk to the centre of Rzeszów. I went to my favourite coffee Powoli Café where I tasted amazing coffee and rested after the walk.

Later, I had dinner in a nice restaurant. After a good meal, I went to the rifle range. It was a very productive and fascinating time. I am really happy that I could try different weapons and shoot for different distances.

On the 19th of December, I went for another nice walk with my dog.

On the 23rd of December, I was on another walk with my dog.

This year, after nearly three years of break, I was able to spend this special time together with my family. On 24th December, I had a festive dinner with my family. We had inter alia sour soup ‘żurek’ with mushrooms which we always eat on this day. In the glasses is a traditional drink: compote made of dried fruits (pears, apples and prunes). On the morning of the 25th of December, I went for an 8 km run in the rain. It was a really nice experience.

On 28th December, it was nearly spring weather. Therefore, I used this opportunity and went for another walk with my dog.

On the 30th of December, I took several photos of my dog while she rested after a walk with my mum.

I decided to spend the last day of the year actively. Therefore, in the morning I went with my dog for a walk. This time we walk to the centre of Rzeszów. After 9 km kilometres, we took a break in my favourite café in my hometown – Powoli Café. In this very cosy, dog-friendly place we spent some time resting and enjoying the nice atmosphere. I tasted tasty coffee and my dog get fresh water. After this pleasant time, we returned home in a car with my mother.

In the early afternoon, I tasted nice Ukrainian borscht (Борщ) which was made by my mum. The rest of the day and night, I spent relaxing, watching movies and listening to my favourite music.

If you ask me how I spent the last minutes and seconds of 2022, I answer you I spend them watching moving New Year’s address by Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

If you ask me how I spent the last minutes and seconds of 2022, I answer you I spend them watching moving New Year’s address by Volodymyr Zelenskyy. I cried. I thought while watching it, about all these people who are at this moment in shelters, who are separated from their families, who lost their relatives and friends, who are now in captivity, who bravely defend Ukraine, who rescuing lives at the frontlines and in hospitals, and about all other Ukrainians who in different ways fight russian occupiers. From the bottom of my heart, I wish Ukrainians:

перемо́гу у 2023 році!

For the end of this post a little summary and stats of 2022

Countries Visited: Italy, Poland.

New Skills: Basics of Ukrainian language, basics of gun and rifle shooting, knowledge of basic military tactics.

2022 in Music: This year was dominated by Ukrainian music. I started to listen to artists from this country in late February to express my support for brave Ukrainians during the war. However, day by day, month by month, I discovered more and more wonderful songs. I created several playlists on Spotify to return to these pieces. My favourite Ukrainian bands and soloists are Antytila/Антитiла, Kalush, Okean Elzy/Океан Ельзи, Колос, Kalush/Kalush Orchestra, Go_A, Fiolet/Фіолет, BoomBox/Бумбокс, Krutь, and Skofka. On the last day of the year, I can say honestly, I fell in love with these sounds and lyrics. Below is a Spotify playlist which includes Ukrainian songs which I liked the most.

2022 in Sport: In the matter of sports this year was very active for me. According to apps that I use, I walked 2.479 km, run 39.30 km, cycled 335 km, paddled over 30 km, in-line skated 143 km, and spent over 2000 minutes on various workouts. In total this year, I devoted 37.676 minutes to various sports activities.

I would like to thank you very much for the nice moments and meetings in 2022!

I wish everyone (beyond russians and their allies) a healthy, safe, and peaceful 2023!

All Ukrainians, I wish healthy, safe 2023, but first and foremost I wish them перемо́гу!  

Holiday Support 🇺🇦

The second half of December is a special, unusual time for many people around the world. It is a warm time of celebration. They meet with their families and friends, preparing colourful and shining decorations, making various meals, wishing each other all the best, listening to and singing joyful songs and enjoying gifts and this extraordinary celebration together.

However, the December celebrations will not be the same for everyone. In Ukraine, this time will be different, hard, and full of various struggles. Many Ukrainians spend this time separated from their families and friends or without their relatives who lost their life. Some of them spend this time in dark and cold rooms with sirens sounds in the background, unable to prepare warm festive meals.

Others will sit in shelters or basements to hide from shelling and bombardments. Some Ukrainian children spend this time in fear dreaming of glittering, happy celebrations. Some medics, rescuers, firefighters, and doctors spend this time fighting for the lives of the wounded. Ukrainian soldiers spend this time in muddy trenches or other positions bravely and heroically fighting for their land, freedom and better tomorrow. Some of the brave defenders will spend this time in captivity.

However, against all the odds, Ukrainians will try to have a bit of this special December atmosphere, to comfort each other with warm words, hugs and simple decorations and meals. However, many of them are still required help in many aspects to go through this cold, demanding time. Therefore, please consider supporting reliable organisations providing medical, humanitarian, and military support (list of organisations and other details, I included in a post ‘Support Ukraine 🇺🇦‘).

This time I supported Medical battalion “Hospitallers” and “Come Back Alive“. In my opinion, helping to save a life is the most beautiful gift.

Clouds and Mountains

On the 5th of December 2022, I took a morning flight to Kraków. My aim was to spend Christmas time together with my family.

I had the opportunity to observe beautiful sunrise over Norway. It looked extraordinary above layers of clouds.

During my flight, I also saw the Norwegian mountains which were covered by layers of snow.

Above southern Poland, I had the opportunity to observe an extraordinary view: mountains sounded by white clouds.

Furthermore, I also saw autumnal fields in the neighbourhood of Kraków.  

Sunrise above Clouds

In the early morning of 18 November 2022, I took a plane from Kraków to Oslo. During my flight over Poland, I had the opportunity to observe beautiful sunrise over clouds.

After two hours of flight, I saw Norway appearing from dense clouds. It was a grey and rainy day there. It was no snow and a lot of trees without leaves.

Unplanned Travel

On Sunday (30th October 2022), during my breakfast, I broke part of my tooth in which I had an old filling. It was not possible for me to repair the tooth in Norway. Therefore, I decided to book a flight to Poland on 31st October 2022 with the aim to get necessary help. In the afternoon, I packed my belongings and prepared for Monday’s travel.

In the early morning, I took a flight from Oslo to Kraków. During my flight, I had the sit by the wing so it was difficult for me to take photos. However, I managed to take a photo of nice clouds and landscapes of southern Poland in the vicinity of Kraków.

Over Southern Poland

Høstlig Oslo

It was a long time since I went for a long photo walk. I really missed walking around Oslo, discovering new captivating places and photographing them. Therefore, on 29th October 2022, I planned another long walk which the aim was to document the colourful autumn in the capital of Norway.

In the cold morning, I walked to my first destination: Vigelandsanlegget. I visited this park several times in different seasons. However, I had only the opportunity to photograph amazing Gustav Vigeland’s sculptures in summer when it was a lot of greenery and blossoming flowers there (see gallery ‘I skulpturparker’). In autumn, in my opinion, the whole area looks more extraordinary. In my photos, I documented several works of this very talented artist, I like the most.

After a pleasant photo walk in this enchanting park, I went in the direction of the centre of Oslo. I photographed, some interesting sculptures in Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s Sculpture Park in Palace Park (Slottsparken). All sculptures in this area were designed by children from various parts of Norway and manufactured by professional artists. I memorised in my photos my two favourite artworks: ‘Geometrisk rev’ (Geometrical Fox) designed by Sofie Sollid Gjertsen and ‘Munnben’ (Month with Legs) designed by Emma Sofie Nesse Torgersen.

Later, I walked to the Cemetery of Our Saviour (Vår Frelsers gravlund) located close to the centre of Oslo. I started my walk from the entrance close to the centre and followed paths uphill. Graves in this cemetery are in long rows, surrounded by huge trees, bushes and other floras. The majority of these grave monuments are simple slabs with names of the dead, simple ornaments and/or religious symbols. Based on the shape of these, it is possible to state that most of these graves hold cremations.

During my, walk I spotted only several gave monuments with avian motifs. Several of them were small birds (doves o passerines) that were placed on the tops of the slabs. I spotted similar sculptures in the cemetery in Bergen (see gallery ‘In Bergen’). However, two graves with avian ornaments deserved special attention. First of them, is a simple grave slab with a gorgeous mosaic showing two swans flying in the background of sunrise/sunset.

Second, is a pillar-shaped monument on top of which was a captivating sculpture. It shows an owl (Eurasian eagle-owl [Bubo bubo] or long-eared owl [Asio otus]) on the opened book with one of the claws between the pages. It is a fascinating, very symbolic, and unique visualisation. During my previous visits to cemeteries, I saw owl motifs only in the cemetery in Århus (owl-shaped base relief on simple grave slab) (see gallery ‘Århus’) and in Copenhagen (sculpture of an owl on a cup with a wreath (see gallery ‘I København (Bind II)’). However, none of them was so detailed.

It should be also mentioned that this cemetery in Oslo, like other cemeteries in Scandinavia, is full of life. There were lots of birds flying around. I spotted numerous hooded crows (Corvus cornix) and house sparrows (Passer domesticus). There were also people walking on paths or between graves (some of them with dogs). It was also a lot of different plants on or by graves. All of these make this place far from being gloomy, grave or frightening.

A little bit of explanation: why am I visiting cemeteries in various places? Every time, when I am on a trip, I try to find time to visit these places. My main aim of these visits is to spot avian (and also other faunal) depictions on monuments in local modern and old cemeteries. These walks are inspired by Professor Howard Williams’ posts on Aves and modern cemeteries (see posts ‘Cemetery Ornithology 1’, ‘Graves as Aviary: Cemetery Ornithology 2’, ‘Finnish Angels of Death: Cemetery Ornithology 3’, ‘Cross Prevarication – Cemetery Ornithology 4’, ‘Cemetery Ornithology 5’, ‘Of Swifts and Souls – Cemetery Ornithology 6’; check also my post ‘In Chester’ for my observations on this matter).

After I visited the cemetery, I walked to the centre of Oslo where I document the autumnal landscape of Oslofjorden. Later, I returned home.

It was a really nice sunny day and a very pleasant walk. In total, I walked 20 km and photographed lots of captivating places in Oslo.