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As a result of the cruel russian invasion, tragic events and atrocities are happening every day in Ukraine. Therefore, people who decided to stay in Ukraine and those who are going to other countries are requiring help and support in various ways. Numerous wonderful people are helping Ukrainians, on the borders, or in various countries. Furthermore, there are also numerous species of domesticated and wild which are suffering because of this terrifying war. It is possible to support organisations helping people and animals in Ukraine in different ways.

Below, there are links to fundraisers organised by several trusted organisations which are providing humanitarian aid, equipment for brave defenders or helping various animals.

Poster: Adela Madej | Stand with Ukraine (downloaded from Pogotowie Graficzne).

Help for Brave Defenders

Повернись живим (Come Back Alive)

Give Wings to Ukrainian Defenders organised by Sunflower Seeds Ukraine

Charitable Foundation ‘Families of Azovstal Defenders Support Fund’

United24 / U24

Charity Foundation of Serhiy Prytula

Your RevengeFor

Fundraiser to Help Ukrainian Archaeologists Fighting in Territorial Defence Forces

Medical battalion “Hospitallers”

Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital (PFVMH)

Humanitarian Help

Bakery Providing Bread for People in Need

World Central Kitchen

Info About Required Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine

Help for Animals

Vet Crew


Hutrooff – Saving Animals in Ukraine

Thank you very much! Слава Україні! 💙💛

News from Ukraine

News from the front line

Other Initiatives

Which Brands to Avoid?

Important posts concerning the war

Below are two Instagram reels by Julia Palko, which are showing parts of the beautiful Ukrainian cities before and after the cruel russian attacks.

The two videos above present the terrifying scale of the destructions due to russian invasion. However, recently Julia Palko published video which shows areas which were restored a brought to live.

Last but not least

Sunrise above Clouds

In the early morning of 18 November 2022, I took a plane from Kraków to Oslo. During my flight over Poland, I had the opportunity to observe beautiful sunrise over clouds.

After two hours of flight, I saw Norway appearing from dense clouds. It was a grey and rainy day there. It was no snow and a lot of trees without leaves.

Unplanned Travel

On Sunday (30th October 2022), during my breakfast, I broke part of my tooth in which I had an old filling. It was not possible for me to repair the tooth in Norway. Therefore, I decided to book a flight to Poland on 31st October 2022 with the aim to get necessary help. In the afternoon, I packed my belongings and prepared for Monday’s travel.

In the early morning, I took a flight from Oslo to Kraków. During my flight, I had the sit by the wing so it was difficult for me to take photos. However, I managed to take a photo of nice clouds and landscapes of southern Poland in the vicinity of Kraków.

Over Southern Poland

Høstlig Oslo

It was a long time since I went for a long photo walk. I really missed walking around Oslo, discovering new captivating places and photographing them. Therefore, on 29th October 2022, I planned another long walk which the aim was to document the colourful autumn in the capital of Norway.

In the cold morning, I walked to my first destination: Vigelandsanlegget. I visited this park several times in different seasons. However, I had only the opportunity to photograph amazing Gustav Vigeland’s sculptures in summer when it was a lot of greenery and blossoming flowers there (see gallery ‘I skulpturparker’). In autumn, in my opinion, the whole area looks more extraordinary. In my photos, I documented several works of this very talented artist, I like the most.

After a pleasant photo walk in this enchanting park, I went in the direction of the centre of Oslo. I photographed, some interesting sculptures in Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s Sculpture Park in Palace Park (Slottsparken). All sculptures in this area were designed by children from various parts of Norway and manufactured by professional artists. I memorised in my photos my two favourite artworks: ‘Geometrisk rev’ (Geometrical Fox) designed by Sofie Sollid Gjertsen and ‘Munnben’ (Month with Legs) designed by Emma Sofie Nesse Torgersen.

Later, I walked to the Cemetery of Our Saviour (Vår Frelsers gravlund) located close to the centre of Oslo. I started my walk from the entrance close to the centre and followed paths uphill. Graves in this cemetery are in long rows, surrounded by huge trees, bushes and other floras. The majority of these grave monuments are simple slabs with names of the dead, simple ornaments and/or religious symbols. Based on the shape of these, it is possible to state that most of these graves hold cremations.

During my, walk I spotted only several gave monuments with avian motifs. Several of them were small birds (doves o passerines) that were placed on the tops of the slabs. I spotted similar sculptures in the cemetery in Bergen (see gallery ‘In Bergen’). However, two graves with avian ornaments deserved special attention. First of them, is a simple grave slab with a gorgeous mosaic showing two swans flying in the background of sunrise/sunset.

Second, is a pillar-shaped monument on top of which was a captivating sculpture. It shows an owl (Eurasian eagle-owl [Bubo bubo] or long-eared owl [Asio otus]) on the opened book with one of the claws between the pages. It is a fascinating, very symbolic, and unique visualisation. During my previous visits to cemeteries, I saw owl motifs only in the cemetery in Århus (owl-shaped base relief on simple grave slab) (see gallery ‘Århus’) and in Copenhagen (sculpture of an owl on a cup with a wreath (see gallery ‘I København (Bind II)’). However, none of them was so detailed.

It should be also mentioned that this cemetery in Oslo, like other cemeteries in Scandinavia, is full of life. There were lots of birds flying around. I spotted numerous hooded crows (Corvus cornix) and house sparrows (Passer domesticus). There were also people walking on paths or between graves (some of them with dogs). It was also a lot of different plants on or by graves. All of these make this place far from being gloomy, grave or frightening.

A little bit of explanation: why am I visiting cemeteries in various places? Every time, when I am on a trip, I try to find time to visit these places. My main aim of these visits is to spot avian (and also other faunal) depictions on monuments in local modern and old cemeteries. These walks are inspired by Professor Howard Williams’ posts on Aves and modern cemeteries (see posts ‘Cemetery Ornithology 1’, ‘Graves as Aviary: Cemetery Ornithology 2’, ‘Finnish Angels of Death: Cemetery Ornithology 3’, ‘Cross Prevarication – Cemetery Ornithology 4’, ‘Cemetery Ornithology 5’, ‘Of Swifts and Souls – Cemetery Ornithology 6’; check also my post ‘In Chester’ for my observations on this matter).

After I visited the cemetery, I walked to the centre of Oslo where I document the autumnal landscape of Oslofjorden. Later, I returned home.

It was a really nice sunny day and a very pleasant walk. In total, I walked 20 km and photographed lots of captivating places in Oslo.


In Museums in Rome

Between the 26th and 30th of September, I took part in the Dialogues with the Past course entitled ‘Bridging the Disciplinary Gap: How Zooarchaeology Reveals Social Aspects of the Past’. Beyond taking part in the fascinating lectures and listening to presentations of captivating projects, I also had the opportunity to visit several interesting places in Rome (see galleries ‘In Rome’ and ‘To the South’).

In the schedule of the course, we had planned two visits to the museums related to the subjects of the course.

On 27th September 2022, we visited Museo Civico di Zoologia. In this museum, I saw an impressive collection of various specimens of birds which could be encountered in Italy.

On 29th September 2022, we had the opportunity to see the anthropological and zooarchaeological laboratory of Museo delle Civiltà. It was a very valuable experience to see human and other animal bones discovered during the recent excavations. Later, we saw exhibitions at the museum dedicated to the culture of indigenous peoples around the world. In the various showcases, there were presented objects connected with the daily life and rituals of indigenous peoples. There were also several objects (mostly pots) in the shape of birds or decorated with avian ornaments.

This museum also presented an exhibition dedicated to finds related to Lombards, who lived in Italy in the Migration Period.

In Rome

Between the 26th and 30th of September, I took part in the Dialogues with the Past course entitled ‘Bridging the Disciplinary Gap: How Zooarchaeology Reveals Social Aspects of the Past’. Beyond taking part in the fascinating lectures and listening to presentations of captivating projects, I also had the opportunity to visit several interesting places in Rome (see galleries ‘To the South’ and ‘In Museums in Rome’).

The whole course took place at the Norwegian Institute in Rome which is located on a hill in Rome. After lunch on the 26th of September, I had the opportunity to see the panorama of this old city from the roof of the Institute.

In the afternoon, I had some time before the planned welcoming dinner. Therefore, I decided to walk to see Colosseum and its neighbourhoods. On my way, I passed Circus Maximus which looked extraordinary to me. Later, I had the opportunity to see this well-known amphitheatre. There were a lot of people walking around it and so little space to stand peacefully and took photos. Therefore, I walked rapidly around Colosseum and took some photos in hurry.

Near the Arch of Constantine, it was a little more space therefore, I stayed there for a little longer to observe the neighbourhood. Later, I walk a street which leads through the Arch of Titus. Throughout, the fence I had the opportunity to see part of Forum Romanum. I came back to the same street and walked to the restaurant.

On the afternoon of 27th September 2022, I had the opportunity, together with participants of the course, to see Forum Romanum.

To the South

In the early morning of 25th September 2022, I took plane to Rome (Italy). My aim of this trip was to take part in the international Dialogues with the Past course entitled ‘Bridging the Disciplinary Gap: How Zooarchaeology Reveals Social Aspects of the Past’. Between 26th and 30th September, I participated in several interesting talks, numerous captivating discussions as well as heard about different fascinating projects in the cope of zooarchaeology and human-nonhuman studies. Beyond that, I also had opportunity to take many photographs of different places in Rome (see galleries ‘In Rome’ and ‘In Museums in Rome’).

Sunrise above Scandinavia

Above the Mountains

Italy from Above

September Sunset

On 16th September 2022, I had the opportunity to observe another nice sunrise over Oslo.

Photographers of War

Since the beginning of the cruel russian invasion, photographers document events of nearly every day of the war. In their moving photos, they are showing destruction, terror, pain, and deaths but also life, fortitude, perseverance, resilience, resistance, heroism and bravery.

Below, there are some Instagram galleries of photographers who I discovered on social media. Visit their profiles and support them!

Dmytro ‘Orest’ Kozatskyi

Kostiantyn Liberov and Vlada Liberova

Mstyslav Chernov

Evgeniy Maloletka

Oleg Palchyk

Patryk Jaracz

Arsen Petrov

I would like also to recommend project #BABYLON’13, in the scope of which Ukrainians are creating excellent short documentary films showing different faces of war.

There are also several videos and photos from Mariupol recently published by Микола Кущ – one of the defenders of this city. Check out his Instagram account.

If you understand Polish check also a gallery and video relations from Ukraine by Mateusz Lachowski.

From Poland to Norway

Between 27th July and 9th September 2022, I spent time in Poland. During this time, I worked on the final corrections of my PhD thesis, spent time with my family as well as took part in the two military events: Day of the Polish Armed Forces in Rzeszów (15 August 2022) and 30th International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce (7 September 2022) (see stories and posts on my Instagram). It was wonderful to spend warm summertime in a different country!

In the late afternoon of 9th September 2022, I took a plane to Oslo. During my flight the weather was nice. Therefore, I was able to take some photos of Poland and Norway.

Over Poland

Over Norway