Lange dager i juni

Beginning of June was for my time of change. On the first days of this month, I started to work in my office. It was really nice to meet colleagues and friends after such a long break. After this strange brake we could have lunch together (of course with keeping all the safety measures). Because I move to my office, I changed my daily routine. Every morning and afternoon, I walked (or in-skated) from my home to my work (and back). During my walks, I could photograph some parts of Oslo and birds. Furthermore, in the last weeks, I also observed beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

2. juni 2020

In the afternoon of this day, I inline skated to close vicinity of the Akershus Fortress. I photographed beautiful art by Mikael Noguchi, which I discovered during my inline skate ride on the last weekend of May.

3. juni 2020

In the morning I decided to walk to work. During my walk, on the shores of Frognerkilen, I could observe the flocks of different water birds. Among them were also cute, fluffy goslings.

8. juni 2020

In the late evening, I immortalised a nice sunset sky over Oslo.

11. juni 2020

In this evening, I saw a beautiful, pastel sunset over Oslo. In June in Oslo, it is possible to observe nearly midnight sun. That was my first year in which I could observe this phenomenon. It is a nice experience to enjoy daylight until the late hours.

15. juni 2020

In the evening, the sun set very peacefully. Its light changed the colours of the clouds to the beautiful pastels. However, beyond this calm performance and saw something worrying over the horizon. Above one of the hills of the eastern Oslo was huge, dark smoke. It looked like huge building was in the fire. Later, it turned out that one of the houses in this part of Oslo burnt. It was a really sad accident.

16. juni 2020

On this day, I wake up very early. Therefore, I could experience a warm sunrise over Oslo.

20. juni 2020

On 20th June were solstice and the longest day of the year. It was my first event of this kind in Oslo. Unfortunately, it was too cloudy to observe the position of the Sun. However, instead of it, I saw a colourful and clear rainbow, which appeared over the hills of Oslo.  

17. mai 2020

One of my biggest dreams was to see and participate in the celebration of the 17th of May in the capital of Oslo. In the last years, however, I cannot travel to Norway on this day. In this year was my first time when I had the possibility to see this public holiday live. Unfortunately, due to corona pandemic, all the parades, concerts and other events were cancelled. Therefore, I decided to spend this day in a different way.

In the morning of the 17th of May, I walk along the harbour to the centre of Oslo. On the shore of Bestumkilen and Frognerkilen, I observed greylag geese (Anser anser) and barnacle geese (Branta leucopsis) with cute goslings sitting close to the water.

During my walk, I also saw small groups of people wearing bunader (costumes beautifully decorated with embroideries and silver jewellery). They probably heading to their families to celebrate solemn breakfast. I also observed numerous people running, cycling or in-line skating with flags of Norway attached to clothing, bikes, or backpacks.

When I reach the centre of Oslo, I saw empty streets, which were beautifully decorated with nice flags of Norway. Only some festively clothed people walked from time to time, probably trying to reach their families and friends to celebrate together. It was sad for me to see these places so empty, in this unusual day. However, I hope that in the next year, I will have the possibility to participate in the full celebration of the 17th of May.

After, my walk in the city centre, I decided to return to my home to eat a festive dinner and relax while listening to music.

Til Storøya og tilbake

On 9th May 2020, took place Global Big Day. On this day ornithologist and birdwatchers going to observe different species of birds in their habitats. Later they upload all the observation to the eBird database. This day also helps to bring into focus problems related to conservation of Aves and to gather funds necessary to protect them.

On my first Global Big Day in Oslo, in which I fully participate, I decided to go for the long morning walk and observe birds while I walked. I started my walk in Vækerøparken.

I observed there several species of birds. When I walk a narrow path leading to the shore, I was surprised by a hooded crow (Corvus cornix). It landed just before my backs and started to look on me with curiosity.

Later, I walk to Lysaker and followed a road near the harbour.

I walked to the pier. There, I had a luck to observe beautiful and nimble Arctic terns (Sterna paradisaea), which flew nearly above my head. Every year these amazing birds are fling thousands of kilometres from the Northern Hemisphere to Antarctica. I was a wonderful experience to see them in the wild for the first time.

I also observed two pairs of red-breasted merganser (Mergus serrator).

Later, I walk to Fornebu, where I observed and photographed another nice species of birds.

Close to the building of Equinor, I saw flock of barnacle geese (Branta leucopsis) and greylag geese (Anser anser).

Later, I decided to explore estate located close to the eastern shore of Snarøya.

In Snarøya (in bay in which is Sandholmen isle), I observed and photographed another nice species of birds.

There, I observed a pair of common shelduck (Tadorna tadorna) swimming close to a shore. It was my first time when I saw these birds in the wild!

Later, I decided to explore a beautiful and big park in Storøya. It is a very nice and peaceful place full of meadows and paths in the forest, which are perfect for a walk or relax. After a while spent in this nice area, I decided to walk back.

It was a wonderful experience to walk in the early morning, to hear and observe different species of birds and to enjoy beautiful areas in the western Oslo.

Regnbuer og kvelder

Last days of April, I spent finishing my history of research chapter, doing workouts, enjoying short intensive walks to parks or shops and taking care of my plants. Furthermore, I also had the possibility to observe beautiful sky and clouds over Oslo. In the evening of 26th April 2020, I photographed nice clouds in the different shades of blue.

First days of May, I also spent working from home. I started to write an article which will be about waterfowl remains discovered in the Viking Age graves. On 1st May, I saw a small rainbow over Oslo. It was very nice to see this meteorological phenomenon for the first time over this nice city.

In the afternoon of 2nd May, I saw another rainbow. This time it was bigger and more colourful.

In the evening of the 6th of May, I had the possibility to observe another beautiful full moon over Oslo.

In the late evening of the 7th of May, I photographed pink and purple clouds over Oslo, which had their colours thanks to the fiery sunset. Unfortunately, this beautiful performance in the sky was not visible from the part of Oslo, in which I am living.

Morgener og kvelder (del 2)

During the last weeks, I also worked at home. I wrote one section of my history of research chapter. It was wonderful spring weather in the last days. Plants start to become greener and trees started to blossom. I enjoyed this beautiful weather walking, in-line skating or doing workouts. Furthermore, I also started to plant some herbs and vegetables. Finally, I also had the possibility to admire beautiful sunrises and evening sky over wonderful Oslo. It is wonderful to observe this city in the more spring scenery.   

Orange awakening, 11th April 2020

Purple clouds, 12th April 2020

Fire over the horizon, 14th April 2020

Blues and purples in the sky, 15th April 2020

Morgener og kvelder

Last two weeks I spent working in my home office on the chapter of my PhD thesis. I also went on the short walks to my favourite Vækerøparken and did the daily workout. Unfortunately, because of the very problematic situation, I could not visit other beautiful parts of Oslo and photograph them. Therefore, I focused on documenting wonderful colourful sunrises and evening sky. In the last days, I had the possibility to memorise several performances in the sky, which photos I present in the separate galleries below.  

Bright shine in the sky, 31st March 2020

Blood and fire clouds, 1st April 2020

Orange sky, 4th April 2020

In the yellow light, 6th April 2020

Full moon over Oslo, 6th April 2020

Supermoon over Oslo, 7th April 2020

Multicoloured clouds, 8th April 2020

En kort tur

Two weeks passed since ‘closing of Norway’ and reorganisation of the public life. During this time, I adapted this new and hard situation in this beautiful country. I avoid long walks in busy places, long shopping and I keep a safe distance. When I have free time, I walk to my favourite Vækerøparken, when I am relaxing and running between big pines. On 28th March 2020, I decided, after a long break to take my camera with me.

During my walk, I could observe and photograph different species of water birds. I spotted two pairs of common eiders (Somateria mollissima), Eurasian oystercatchers (Haematopus ostralegus), European herring gulls (Larus argentatus), black-headed gulls (Chroicocephalus ridibundus), greylag goose (Anser anser) and mallards (Anas platyrhynchos).

Moreover, I also observed European herring gulls which try to steal molluscs from female common eider. They try several times. However, the eider was quicker.

I also saw numerous purple, yellow and white flowers growing between yellow grasses. Among these plants were beautiful white flowers of a plant called in Norwegian vårpengeurt (Noccaea caerulescens).

By the end of my walk, I also had the possibility to see a wonderful butterfly called small tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae).

Soloppgangen i krisetid

In the middle of March 2020, due to an outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, the situation in Norway become very problematic and hard. On 12th March, when I for last time visited my office, the government decided to close schools, universities, museums and reduces flights. All employees of the Museum of Cultural History were advised to work from home. In the following days, I reorganised space in my home and started to work in the one room. It was not so easy to adapt to new rules and to apply new daily routine and lack of contact with people (and daily small talks). However, after one week at home, I used to this particular situation. I went for a shot (but intensive) walk, during which I try to avoid people as much as possible (and keep a safe distance). From the 15th of March, I also started to do a workout (including stretches and some exercises which I remember from kung-fu training). Moreover, in the late afternoons and evenings, I try to relax watching some films (or TV-series) or or listening to music. Because of this strange situation, unfortunately, I had no possibility to photograph some interesting places or landscapes in Oslo. However, on 21st March I waked up and I saw beautiful, calm sunrise, which I memorised on these photos.

Ru fjorden

8th March 2020 was a rainy and windy day. Despite this nasty weather, I take a quick walk to Lysaker. During my walk, I saw rough waters of Oslofjord.   

Oslo i snø

The first day of March 2020 in Oslo began with soft and pastel sunrise. The capital of Norway was covered by a thick layer of snow. It looked incredible and magical. In this winter was so little snow in this city so I was very happy to see it in this scenery.  

In the morning, I take a walk to Lysaker to enjoy this beautiful winter weather. I saw my favourite Vækerøparken covered with white fresh snow, which sounds I heard when I walked narrow paths in this park.

Later, I saw a gorgeous dog, which swam in the dinghy through cold waters of Oslofjord.

I also spotted first snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) growing among yellow grasses and bushes. It was nice to see these first features of the forthcoming spring.

Later, when I walked along Lysaker Brygge, I saw the two couples of common eider (Somateria mollissima). I was so happy that I could see this species of birds in the wild for the first time.

It was so nice and incredible day. It was a pity that this nice snow started to melt on the next day.