Favourite Podcasts

In the last months, I started to listen to the various podcast in English, German and Norwegian. I listened to episodes concerning art, culture, finances, innovations, politics, technology, and various branches of science. From all of them, I learned numerous interesting facts and discovered nice new songs. However, some of them particularly enjoyed, and finally stayed with them for longer. Here, is a short list including these fascinating podcasts, which I listened to with pleasure. Shows are listed in random order and divided into languages.


Museum – et program om norsk historie

The first podcast in Norwegian, which I started to listen to. Every episode in captivating ways are presented issues concerning archaeology, the history of Norway and museum exhibitions.


Fascinating podcast concerning Germany! In every episode Kai Schwind and Ingrid Brekke discussing captivating issues on culture, history, politics (and more) of Germany and German language.  


Captivating podcast by Norsk Biologforening concerning biology lead by Vilde Olsson Lalun and Elina Melteig. Every episode presenting in fascinating way matters related to various species of inter alia plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria.  


Captivating podcast by Innovasjon Norge concerning innovations and business. In every episode Arne Vatnøy in nice conversations with guests, who tell about their companies, businesses and innovations in their branches.


Created by specialists and researchers from the St. Olav’s University Hospital in Trondheim. Captivating conversations with medical doctors, specialists, and patients concerning medicine and health-related matters.


Fascinating podcast created by NTNU Samfunnsforskning in Trondheim and lead by Vegard Smevoll. In every episode are discussed interesting matters from different branches of science.

Teknisk sett

Interesting podcast on technology and innovation by Teknisk Ukeblad, led by Jan M. Moberg and Odd Richard Valmot.


Nice podcast by Aftenposten led by Helene Uri and Kristin Storrusten. In several episodes are discussed matters concerning Norwegian language.


Podcast in which interestingly are presented issues concerning various branches of science.

Popviten UiB

Captivating popular science podcast by the University of Bergen presenting interesting facts from various branches of science.

Teknologi og mennesker

Podcast by Atea and Oslo Business Forum presenting in nice ways various issues concerning technology, innovation and digitalisation.

Ni til fem

Interesting conversations on job, carrier and jurisprudence. In every episode, Vibeke Vesterhagen discusses with nice guests various topics related to these matters.


Interesting podcast on medicine and health by Folkehelseinstituttet.


Podcast from the University of Oslo. Every episode presenting in interesting way issues related to actual events in inter alia science, politics, and culture.


FLAKE. Des Tastenfickers Podcast

Captivating music podcast by Christian „Flake“ Lorenz (Rammstein). In it are discussed various matters and presented songs of various genres, which are related to the topic of the episode.

Vogel fliegt, Fisch schwimmt, Mensch läuft. In diesem Podcast widmet sich Flake dem Rennen des Menschen. Flake läuft täglich viel durch Berlin und dabei denkt er sich Geschichten aus und macht sich unter anderem Gedanken darüber, was es dann ist, wenn er nicht rennt. Ist es Laufen oder Gehen? Und natürlich hat er wieder eine Menge Musik zu diesem Thema gesucht und auch gefunden.
  1. Rennen
  2. Musik in Fernsehserien
  3. Geräusche in der Musik
  4. Klassik in der Rockmusik
  5. Straßen

Man lernt nie aus

Podcast with short episodes including numerous captivating fun facts and interviews concerning inter alia science, culture.

BIOfunk – Der Biologie Podcast

Podcast presenting interesting topics from biology. In every episode are discussed different matters (e. g. topics from microbiology, biochemistry, medicine) related to this complex and fascinating branch of science.

Met & Moshpit

Nice music podcast led by Jean Méchant of Saltatio Mortis. Every episode of this show is focused on different aspects of Mittelalter-Rock (English: Medieval rock), which are discussed with guests. Furthermore, this podcast is full not only of nice stories but also of good humour.


The Nobel Prize Conversations

Fascinating conversations with Nobel Prize laureates on their work, life, and other topics.

17. mai 2021 i regn

April was a difficult month for me because of the very cold and rainy weather. It was not so many opportunities to take photos. From this month, I have only some mobile photos which I posted in highlight ‘I Oslo’ on my Instagram. At the beginning of April, we accepted papers for our session ‘Between Bones and Beliefs: Human-Bird Relations in Central and Northern Europe in the 1st Millennium AD’. We will have several papers on fascinating topics. Unfortunately, this year EAA conference will not take place in Kiel. It was completely moved online so this year it will be not possible to hear presentations live and to meet researchers.

In April, I also continued work on my chapter on waterbirds and co-authored an article. On 7th April 2021, I had the pleasure to take part in the fascinating online conference ‘Animals and Religion – The Joint Annual Conference of The Finnish Society for Human-Animal Studies and the Finnish Society for the Study of Religion‘. I wrote about the conference and my paper on Viking Age Birds blog.

At the beginning of May weather begone slightly to change. This month, I continued my work on my PhD chapter on waterbirds. May was also another month in which I nearly did not take photos with my camera. I would like to be focused on my academic work and to be done with editing photos from 2020 and early 2021 before I start my new photo adventures.

On the 5th of May, I listened to a talk by Yuval Noah Harari and Mayim Bialik entitled ‘Why Do We Fear Innovation?’. 

17th May is a special day for me. One of my dreams is to take part in the celebrations and parades in Oslo. In the last year, all of the official events were cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic (see gallery ‘17. mai 2020‘). This year, the majority of events took place online and parades were cancelled. I planned to cycle to the centre of Oslo to document decorations and the overall situation. Unfortunately, the weather on this day was terrible. From early morning till late evening was heavy rains. That made my bicycle trip impossible. Therefore, I decided to spend the whole day at home and celebrate this day in a different way.

On 25th May, I participated in the fascinating talk by Neil Price delivered during ‘Potentials and Pitfalls of Comparison in the Understanding of the Past’.

Mars sky

This month was relatively cold and rainy. Therefore, I hand not so many opportunities to go for photo walks (I post some mobile photos in highlight ‘I Oslo’ on my Instagram). In March 2021, I started to prepare the first analytic chapter of PhD thesis. It is focused on the meaning of various species of waterbirds in Viking Age funerary practices and beliefs. I also coordinated another part of the call of papers of our EAA session ‘Between Bones and Beliefs: Human-Bird Relations in Central and Northern Europe in the 1st Millennium AD’. Furthermore, I also started to work on my parts of a co-authored article on a fascinating funerary topic.

In March I had the opportunity to photograph several wonderful sunrises over Oslo. On 2nd March, I experienced another wonderful and colourful sunrise.

On 10th March, I participated in an interesting online talk ‘Creating Relations throught Time in Viking Age Societies. Using Past in the Past’ by Julie Lund.

18th March I photographed nice sunrise.

19th March started with interesting dark sunrise.

Soloppgangen i februar

February was another cold month in which not taken so many photos. I was really occupied with other corrections of my ‘Theory and Methods’ chapter. Furthermore, I also corrected my article on the meanings of waterbirds, which I received after peer-review. Moreover, I also coordinated a call for papers for our EAA session ‘Between Bones and Beliefs: Human-Bird Relations in Central and Northern Europe in the 1st Millennium AD’ in Kiel.

On 4th February 2021, I memorised in my photos the wonderful fiery sunrise over Oslo. I really liked the contrast between the warm and cold colours of the sky.

In the afternoon, I had the opportunity to participate in a nice and interesting online lecture ‘Norse Amazons: Women, Weapons, and Warfare in the Viking World’ by Leszek Gardeła.

On Friday (5th February), I participated in the first online PhD lunch, during which I had the opportunity to meet different PhD students from the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo. It was really nice to have conversations on different subjects.

On 11th February, I listened to the captivating talk ‘Bird Imagery in La Tène Art’ by Rebecca L. Ellis. It was wonderful to hear about the meaning and symbolism of various birds in Iron Age iconography.

On Friday (12th February), I attended fascinating online talk ‘Animals’ by Shumon T. Hussain. It was very nice to hear numerous interesting facts concerning human-nonhuman relations in the past. This fascinating talk is now available online on the YouTube channel of the Faculty of Humanities.

In the afternoon of 15th February, I watched some online talks delivered during the Oslo Life Science Conference.

On the afternoon of the 16th, I participated in an interesting online talk ‘Vikingtidens berserker i myte og virkelighet’ by Roderick Dale. On the evening of 18th February, I take part in the online promotion of the new book ‘River Kings A New History of Vikings from Scandinavia to the Silk Roads’ by Cat Jarman.

Januars sky

January 2021 started with cold and cloudy days. In this month, I did not only do my daily workouts but I also tried to go for afternoon or evening walks. During them, I had the possibility not only to observe daily life in the district in which I am living. Moreover, I also spotted different species of birds flying above (or swimming in) waters of Oslofjorden (I posted some mobile photos from my walks in highlight ‘I Oslo’ on my Instagram). Beyond sport activities, I also worked on corrections of my ‘Theory and Methods’ chapter.

This month, I had the opportunity to document several very nice sunrises above Oslo.

3. januar 2021

5. januar 2021

10. januar 2021

15. januar 2021

23. januar 2021

27. januar 2021

Nyttårsaften i krisetid

Last day of 2020, I spent in Oslo, like in the previous year (see gallery ‘Nyttårsaften i Oslo’). In the morning, I went for a short walk. Later, I started to prepare myself for the celebration in the evening.

At night, I had the opportunity to observe and photograph colourful fireworks over Oslo. Moreover, I danced and listening to various genres of music.

I wrote two summaries of 2020. They were published in the post ‘My review of 2020’ and post ‘First Year of PhD Project’.

On this last day of 2020 (which for a long time stay in our memories), I looked with a hope to forthcoming 2021. I hoped for the end of the pandemic and the vaccine shot.

Jul i krisetid

In this year situation was still too unsure and unsafe for me to travel and to visit my family during Jul. Therefore, I decided again to spend this special time in Oslo. That was my second Jul which I spent in this beautiful city in the north (see gallery ‘Jul i Oslo’). Luckily, not like in 2019, I was not alone. On the evening of 24 December 2020, I was invited for a festive supper. I had the opportunity to taste special Norwegian cuisine (including smalahove with red and white cabbage and potatoes). I am a pescatarian and my daily diet is pant based (I rarely eat fish meat) so tasting such a meal was an extraordinary and peculiar experience for me. It was really nice to experience some magic of Norwegian Jul on this day. I would like to thank you very much for the kind invitation!

On the morning of 25th December 2020, I photographed a very nice sunrise.

The weather was cold but nice on this day (it was still no snow). Therefore, I decided to walk to the centre of Oslo. I walked along Havnepromenaden and later went to Aker Brygge.

 As on Jul 2019, I saw and document festive decorations. In my opinion, the nicest of them were on Aker Brygge.

During my walk, I also had the possibility to observe and photograph birds. On chairs and trees, standing in front of Kaffebrenneriet, I saw the cute host of house sparrows (Passer domesticus).

Later, I decided to return home. On my way back, I had the opportunity to photograph nice sunset over Bestumkilen.

On 26th December, snow appeared in Oslo. Therefore, I decided to go for a short walk to Vækerøparken, to document this nice snowy weather.

Til Østernvann

In December 2020, I continued my work from the home office because the general situation was still unsure. In the last months in my home office, I worked used only my notebook. It was a little difficult for me to write and read text using a relatively small screen. Therefore, in the second week of December, one of my colleagues helped me to move the screen from the office. I would like to cordially thank her for her kind help! In this winter month, it happened also another change to my work and life routine. In the summer semester, I did a lot of workouts outside the house. In autumn and winter, because of poor rainy and cold weather is become not possible for me to organise such exercises outside. Moreover, they were days during which the weather was so bad that I was not able to go for a walk. However, I found a solution to this situation. In the morning, when I boiled water for coffee or tea in my electric kettle, while waiting I did some simple exercises. It started with several minutes of simple physical training (partially based on exercises that I remembered from kung-fu training). Over time, it was developed to a 20-30 minutes workout. Furthermore, during these exercises, I started to listen to different podcasts in Norwegian or German, which allowed me to practice my language skills, learn numerous fascinating details concerning science or culture, but they helped me also to stick to the time during my workouts.

At the beginning of this month, I also received wonderful mail. In it was informed that the EAA session ‘Between Bones and Beliefs: Human-Bird Relations in Central and Northern Europe in the 1st Millennium AD’ which, I proposed together with Rebecca Smallman and Sigmund Oehrl was accepted for a conference in Kiel. I was really happy about it! It was one of my dreams to have the session during this conference in this wonderful city.

On the morning of 21 December, despite cold and wet weather, I went for a long walk. My destination was Østernvann lake, which I passed during my bicycle trip to Triungsvanna. I decided to walk a different path than I cycled in the summer. Google maps lead me through nice suburbs full of nice wooden houses. During my walk, I passed a horse race track on which two jockeys started their pieces of training. It was nice to observe a while sport horses galloping. Finally, I reach more rural parts in which are more fields than buildings. I passed, horse sport club and red buildings of stables and courses (on which were several horses of different sizes and colours).

Later, I found myself on a path that led through a forest. I followed it. I went through an area in which were numerous moss-covered coniferous trees. It was also a little foggy. Everything around looked like in Nordic noir film or video of the Scandinavian metal band. It was an extraordinary experience for me to walk through such a mysterious forest.

Later, I walk through a little swampy path, which led me directly to Østernvann. From behind trees, I saw this area of water. Over it, the fog was spreading. This lake looked mysterious and beautiful but on the other hand a little malevolent. I spent some time photographing and admiring this lake.

Later, I started my walk back home. I followed a path which I cycled in the summer.

As I mentioned above, the weather in December was terrible. It was rainy, cold, cloudy, and dark. When I returned home from my over 20 km walk, I observed that sky started to clear. Then, after weeks of darkness, I saw sunbeams from behind the clouds. It was a wonderful experience to feel and see the sun again. I was so happy that I memorised it in my photos.

Novembers måne

On the evening of 27th November 2020, I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful moon over Oslo.

Tur om kvelden

On the cold evening of 21st November 2020, I went for walk to Bygdøy. The sky was nearly clear. Therefore, it was possible to observe the sunset. On my way to the shores of Paradisbukta, I saw that beautiful things have been starting to happen in the sky. I started to hurry to be in place before the sun came down behind the horizon. Unfortunately, I was several minutes too late to photograph culminating part of the sunset. However, I still had the opportunity to saw some of its colours. I was lucky to spot a sailing boat that appeared on the horizon. I memorised this wonderful view in my photos.