Utsiker fra Niels Treschows hus

On 13th and 14th February 2020, I attended a captivating PhD introductory course. It took place in Niels Treschows hus on Blindern. Before lectures of second day of this meeting, I took several photos of nice views behind the windows. From this building can be observed inter alia Oslofjord, Ullern and Holmenkollen.  

Førster solnedganden etter en storm

On 9th February 2020, weather in Oslo was very hard. It was windy and rainy due to storm Elsa. However, the day after the weather was improved. In the afternoon of 10th February, I walk along Havnepromenaden. I observed that some parts of it are under the water of Oslofjord. There were also numerous branches laid on the paths. Sadly, there were also garbage floating in the water or spread on the shores. However, beyond that I also observed something positive – beautiful sunset over high water.

På Fornebu

2nd February 2020 was a beautiful sunny day. In the afternoon, I decided to go for a long walk to explore the eastern shore of Fornebu. I walked from my favourite Vækerøparken, through Lysaker, along rock shore of Lagmannsholmen to place where Equinor Oslo is. During my walk, I took several photos and really enjoyed the beautiful weather. Moreover, I also discovered several nice places to observe birds and to relax.


On 1 February 2020, acquaintance Mihai Dragnea, a specialist in medieval literature, visited Oslo. Therefore, I showed him some of the beautiful and interesting places in this nice city. We started our walk in the Museum of Cultural History, where we saw all exhibitions dedicated to the various time periods.

Later, we visited the Government Quarter (Regjeringskvartalet) saw monument dedicated to the tragic events of 22 July 2011.

From Akersgata we walked to Oslo City Hall and to the Akershus Fortress.

Later, we saw the Royal Palace and its neighbourhood.

We ended our nice walk in the wonderful Viking Ship Museum on Bygdøy.

By the end of the day, I had the possibility to saw a golden sunset over Oslofjord.


In the afternoon of 26 January 2020, I visited my favourite Vækerøparken. I walk there with the aim to observe different species of water birds. I saw two species of ducks and several species of gulls.  Moreover, I also had the possibility to see the beautiful pastel sky over Oslofjorden.


From the very beginning of my stay in Oslo, I was surprised by several extraordinary and gorgeous sunsets. During my walk from the centre of Oslo (21 January 2020), I observed a beautiful spectacle in the sky. First, all clouds looked like from the Disney animation “Partly Cloudy”. They were in yellows and pastel oranges against the background of the purple-blue sky.

Later, the whole sky looked like it was in flames. Fiery colours of setting sun contrasted with blues of coming night. It was really a wonderful performance!

Til Fornebu

On 19th January 2020, I explored the path which leads from Vækerøparken, along the harbour to Lysaker. It was a beautiful sunny and warm winter day. Therefore, I decide to walk further than marina in Lysaker.

I found a path, which crosses rocks of the harbour and leads through a nice park to the area full of beautiful rocks and trees on Fornebu.

During my long walk, I also observed several species of birds. I saw, inter alia, a big flock of Common goldeneyes, mallards and several species of gulls (see my observations on eBird and iNaturalist).

Lyserød solnedgangen

This cold January day (18.01.2020), I observed another beautiful sunset. I saw the sky in different colours over Bestumkilen.

Later, I observed different shades of pink above the waters of Oslofjorden.

Fram og tilbake igjen (del 2)

On 9th January 2020, Oslo waked up under the sky full of the warm colours of the morning Sun. That was a beautiful beginning of the cold day.

In the late afternoon, I again flew to Poland, to manage some practicalities and to meet my family. From the plane, I saw neighbourhoods of Oslo between the cold day and the dark winter night. Thousands of warm lights surrounded by blue colours of the evening looked extraordinary.

During my flight, I also observed and documented the amazing sunset above the clouds.

During my flight back to Oslo, I saw picturesque and unique mountains and fjords of eastern Norway. They look incredible from bird’s eye view.

Later, I was surprised by the wonderful view. I saw Oslo (and its neighbourhoods) bathed in the light of the setting sun. It was so unique and unforgettable moment! I could not take my eyes off this beautiful Norwegian landscape. I think that was one of the most beautiful views which I saw during my flights over different countries.

I Frognerseteren

This cold January day (4.01.2020) I visited a beautifully located area close to the underground station called Frognerseteren. During my visit, I had the possibility to see and admire wonderful Oslo bathed in sunbeams of the late afternoon sun.

Later, I saw another nice sunset above Frognerkilen and Bestumkilen.